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Rob Millard

I used that new product QUICK on the pool deck in Tacoma. It is a stained concrete that had a […]

N. Schmeder

I used your product for our tile and grout cleaning and my husband used it on the stains in the […]

George Shiner

QUICK is the best concrete and equipment degreaser that we have ever used. It is a real time saver for […]

Beth Eltergrove

I gave him some Powerhouse Shooter… miraculously the orange stain began running off without scrubbing. He now uses it to […]

Bruce Hixson

The slips and falls in our hallways went down dramatically. It is now part of our bad weather procedures to […]

Jerry Collins

SAF-T-STEP in the shower area… To be able to save money by cutting down on other cleaning products and potential […]

Roger Shadd

The SAF-T-STEP Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner & Treatment is extraordinary. No other floor cleaner that I have used matches its […]

Bill Wight

You could feel the firm grip your shoes took when walking on the floors; We’ve even been receiving positive comments […]