How does N.A.C.TM differ from other cleaning products?

There are many degreasers and cleaners that effectively remove grease and soils from floor surfaces. However, N.A.C.TM in addition to being an excellent cleaner and degreaser, is the only one that contains the KALISITE® anti-slip safety technology. As N.A.C.TM works, the surface is deep cleaned, slip treated and neutral with no alkali residues to attack floor surfaces or produce slippery soaps when water is spilled on the floor later. N.A.C.TM actually increases the coefficient of friction of the floor and raises the floor safety level higher than the original surface.

Does N.A.C.TM contain any acids?

N.A.C.TM is completely ACID FREE. It contains no acids, does not damage floors, and does NOT etch floor surfaces.

Can N.A.C.TM be used over sealed floors, painted floors, epoxy floors, vinyl, glazed floor tiles, and coated floors?

N.A.C.TM is a product manufactured using a unique proprietary process which yields a highly effective cleaner and slip resistant treatment. N.A.C.TM is designed for use over these types of sealed floor surfaces. It may also be used over unsealed vinyl or linoleum (restaurant kitchens for example).

Should I use N.A.C.TM over acrylic floor finishes or seals?

N.A.C.TM may dull the gloss on some acrylic floor finishes. TRACTIONTM Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner and Maintainer with cold water is recommended for cleaning and slip treating acrylic floor finished surfaces.

When used as a daily cleaner, does N.A.C.TM require a rinse?

After the soiled solution is removed from the floor by damp mopping or wet vacuum, N.A.C.TM requires no clear water rinse. Unlike other products, N.A.C.TM leaves NO alkaline residue on the floor surface which can contribute to slip and fall accidents. NOTE: When used in federally inspected food processing areas, N.A.C.TM must be followed by a potable water rinse.

Can N.A.C.TM be used on porous quarry tile and concrete?

In addition to cleaning and improving the coefficient of friction of the floor surface on sealed floors, N.A.C.TM is an effective safety product and cleaner for porous floor surfaces. N.A.C.TM may be used as a “shock cleaner” on quarry tile or concrete to deep clean the floor surface removing deposits and’ residues that contribute to slip and fall accidents. Thereafter N.A.C.TM may be used diluted on a daily basis to keep the floor safe and clean.

Can N.A.C.TM be used on marble or granite?

N.A.C.TM can be used on marble, granite and other natural stone surfaces.

What is the suggested water temperature for use with N.A.C.TM?

Use N.A.C.TM with any water temperature. Hot water works best with heavily soiled or greasy areas.

Is N.A.C.TM a germicidal cleaner?

N.A.C.TM is a powerful effective daily floor cleaner and safety treatment. It is not an EPA registered germicidal floor cleaner.

Can N.A.C.TM be used with automatic floor scrubbers?

N.A.C.TM can be applied through automatic floor scrubbing equipment to clean and slip treat large floor areas such as in plants and warehouses. Use 2 to 4 ounces of N.A.C.TM per gallon of water. For optimum improvement in slip resistance, apply a generous coating (14-16 oz. per gallon of water) of the diluted N.A.C.TM to a section of the floor (e.g. an aisle of a warehouse). If time allows during the initial slip treatment, leave the product on floor for 2 or 3 minutes. Scrub and vacuum the solution from the floor with the automatic scrubber. Proceed to next area and repeat procedure.

What coverage will we get with N.A.C.TM?

The average coverage in an automatic floor scrubber is 25,000 square feet per gallon of N.A.C.TM concentrate when used at the 8 oz/gal dilution. The coverage will vary from one machine to the next. The average coverage for mopping with N.A.C.TM will vary from a few hundred to several thousand square feet per mop bucket. The variability in coverage is a result of the different soil loads from one surface to another. The mop water should be changed frequently under heavy soil loads

Where is N.A.C.TM available for purchase?

N.A.C.TM is only sold through janitorial, safety and floor specialty distributors. Find a distributor near you.

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