Squeeze-N-GoTM is an Underwriters Laboratories® Listed Floor Safety Treatment in a convenient thickened gel from which is used for raising the safety level (increasing the slip resistance) of the floor while enhancing the stone floor appearance or while restoring the gloss and extending finish life of acrylic floor finishes. Squeeze-N-GoTM is also excellent for use over marble and polished granite floors.

Where is SQUEEZE-N-GOTM used?

Squeeze-N-GoTM is commonly used with high speed floor burnishers to treat floor areas in schools, stores, and offices. Squeeze-N-GoTM eliminates the application and drying time needed for mop on and buff in restorers. It is effective when personnel or time limitations do not allow conventional restorer applications. Squeeze-N-GoTM is an excellent safety treatment over polished marble and granite floors.

Do I need a special floor finish with SQUEEZE-N-GOTM?

No. Squeeze-N-GoTM is designed to be used over stone floors and as a compliment to an existing floor finish program. Special finish, treatments, cleaners or polishing compounds are not required to achieve safer, beautiful looking floors.

What coverage will I get with SQUEEZE-N-GOTM?

Squeeze-N-GoTM is more economical than many of the restoring or burnishing products in the market place. When used as directed one 32 oz  squeeze bottles of Squeeze-N-GoTM will burnish over 200,000 square feet of smooth floor finish surface.

What is the recommended application procedure for using SQUEEZE-N-GOTM?

Dry mop floor prior to application of Squeeze-N-GoTM.  Heavier soiled areas, such as building entry areas, should be wet/damp mopped with a good neutral floor cleaner to remove dirt and particles that are detrimental to the long life of the floor finish.

How resistant to scuff marks is SQUEEZE-N-GOTM?

Squeeze-N-GoTM is harder than most of the floor finishes that are commonly used today and is very resistant to scuff marks and soiling.

Does SQUEEZE-N-GOTM contain zinc or other heavy metals?

No. Squeeze-N-GoTM contains no zinc or other heavy metals and is an environmentally friendly product for use in those states, companies, or communities with heavy metal discharge concerns or limitations.

Where is SQUEEZE-N-GOTM available for purchase?

Squeeze-N-GoTM is only sold through janitorial, safety, and floor specialty distributors. Dynamic Research does not sell the product directly to end users. Find a distributor near you.

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